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World-class companies are defined not only by their superior products and services, but by their commitment to safety as a core value, fully integrated into their corporate culture. Making outstanding safety performance everybody's business everyday is a key goal of Lafarge.

Safety Program

World-class safety means zero accidents, incidents and cases of occupational health problems. It also involves a strong safety culture that influences employee behavior during non-working hours and translates into fewer off-the-job injuries. Ensuring safety is a collective responsibility recognized in Lafarge North America's corporate approach to the issue. There are six elements to our Safety Program:


1. Management Commitment and Leadership This is the foundation of our Safety Program driving the entire safety and health process at the cement division. Managers and supervisors must commit to setting the vision, providing the resources, and establishing accountability and performance expectations. Their active and visible leadership in our safety systems and processes creates the sense of urgency needed to improve our safety and health performance.


2. Safety Teams at All Locations Team-based safety has been to shown to improve safety, health and loss control performance. It allows employees and management to prioritize and solve health and safety issues. This team-based safety helps build a positive safety culture and increases employee knowledge of Lafarge's safety and health procedures and systems. It also enables sustainable improvement on our journey to "zero".



3. Mandatory Audits of the Safety System Audits must be performed to ensure that each site is in compliance with Lafarge standards and all state/provincial and federal regulations, as well as to enable sustainable and continuous improvement of safety and health performance.



4. Adherence to the Division's Critical Safety Rules The use of seat belts is mandatory at all Lafarge North America sites. When working at heights, proper risk assessments along with the use of appropriate fall protection and prevention equipment is mandatory for all employees, contractors, customers and visitors. Each site must develop and implement a Confined Space Program to ensure no employee enters an enclosed or confined space without a thorough risk assessment, proper training, equipment and the personnel to complete the task safely. Personal Protective Equipment such as safety footwear, hard hats, safety glasses, hearing protection and vests, must be worn as required. Additional equipment such as face shields, respirators or special clothing may be required depending on the job or task. Each site must develop and implement a Lockout/Tagout/Tryout program to ensure that no employee is exposed to the uncontrolled release of hazardous energy including electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, thermal and stored energy. Never disable or bypass a safety device, interlock or alarm. These devices must be promptly repaired if they are not functioning properly. Following a thorough risk assessment, such devices may be temporarily disabled when conducting maintenance.



5. Regular Safety Training for all Employees All employees must receive regular health and safety training related to their job, and all employees must be properly trained prior to performing tasks or operating machinery. Changes that may impact safety must be discussed with all affected employees as part of this training.



6. Near-Miss and Risk Identification Reporting Risk identification and near-miss reporting helps us predict and prevent events that lead to injuries. It is a pro-active method to predict and prevent events from occurring, and eliminate injuries, damage and loss. All locations must report and investigate all serious events including near misses.

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