Welcome to Lafarge's Bath Cement Plant!

Like Lafarge facilities all over North America and the world, the Bath Cement Plant is committed to being a good neighbor, an active, positive force in the community, and working towards cleaner and greener operations.

About the Bath Plant

Lafarge Cement Plant, Bath, Ontario

Lafarge Cement Plant, Bath, Ontario

The Bath plant is located on the North Shore of Lake Ontario, and occupies approximately 1050 hectares of land. 


It is home to 105 employees, and, on any given day, employees from up to 60 contract firms may also be on site.


The Plant's cement kiln is 200 meters long, and measures 5.5 meters in diameter.  It is capable of producing 1.1 million tonnes of cement each year.


At its hottest point, the temperature inside the kiln is 1450 degrees celcius.  To protect the kiln's shell from this heat, it is lined with refractory bricks.  To line a kiln of this size, it takes approximately 180,200 bricks.

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