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C.P. Bedrock, Colo.
Duracycle paving in C.P. Bedrock, Colorado

When the city and county of Denver, Colo., required the Metropolitan District (C.P. Bedrock) to be paved, it asked Lafarge Construction to bid on the project. The classification of the development as a metropolitan district allowed the use of 20 percent reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) for the 32,600 imperial tons of asphalt. An additional 4,000 t of asphalt mix had to contain specialized polymer-modified asphalt cement, per Denver construction specifications, for the high traffic road leading into the development.


Due to unexpected site delays, the construction schedule was pushed out two months, causing the job to be done in the winter, with cooler than anticipated temperatures (normal paving operations close down for the winter due to the harsh climate). A further issue hampering the contract was a shortage of asphalt cement; in particular, polymer-modified material.


Through negotiations with the city and county of Denver, and because of their trust in Lafarge's innovative products and sound testing procedures, the entire job-consisting of 36,600 t of asphalt-was converted to 100 percent "value-added" asphalt using three Lafarge products. The products, DuraPhalt™, DuraClime™, and DuraCycle™, provided several advantages for the client:


  • DuraPhalt provided a highly durable, surface pavement, in place of a standard surface pavement.  Due to the polymer shortage, the original polymer mix specified was unavailable, and the surface pavement needed to be placed prior to winter conditions;  


  • DuraClime, which can compact at notably lower temperatures than traditional asphalt, extended the paving season by reducing the surface and ambient temperature specifications required


  • DuraCycle, which contains a higher recycled-material percentage than standard asphalt mixes, added a "green" product to the job.  Lafarge also provided binder-extraction testing to verify the end product with the city of Denver


Both the city and Metropolitan District  were pleased with the product quality and delivery, as well as the ability to make up lost time on the project and complete it before winter.

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