Why Choose Lafarge?
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Our Values

Our corporate culture is built on four fundamental values: respect, trust, responsibility and autonomy. This approach is set down in our written code of action, The Lafarge Way, which inspires the actions of all our employees around the world.

Respect and Trust

Lafarge is committed to giving every employee the means to succeed. We encourage all employees to do their best to respect others, respect safety, and respect local and international standards.

Lafarge Employee

Employee Autonomy

Lafarge Employee

Lafarge promotes employee autonomy by encouraging all employees to take personal responsibility to develop their skills, their spirit of initiative, their creativity and their motivation.

Fostering Teamwork

Teamwork is part of daily life at Lafarge. It leads to the exchange of ideas, business in progress and fosters an atmosphere of trust. It is important that our employees be able to share their experiences and best practices, and to learn from their peers.

It is also important that managers care about the development of their teams and have regular, honest discussions with each team member. Managers are to be attentive and provide guidance.

Teamwork at Lafarge
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Lafarge's principles in action

Key to Lafarge is its values of respect, care and constructive dialogue with stakeholders, including employees. These values are reflected in Lafarge's approach in its operations and business activities which focus on sustainable growth by reconciling the challenges of economic development and environmental respect.

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