Diversity and inclusion
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Programs & Initiatives

Here are some of the diversity and inclusion initiatives in progress that demonstrate the direction of our efforts:

  • A North America  Diversity & Inclusion committee includes  representatives from Human Resources, Operations and Communications. The team meets monthly, developing strategies and action plans.


  • Leadership and Gender Workshops have been held across North America. The thought provoking workshop introduces diversity concepts and examines gender differences and their effects on business relationships, communications and decision making. Participants generate specific local actions to improve diversity. Ongoing diversity training helps drive employee engagement and creates a work environment that visibly values and leverages diversity.


  • We have expanded diversity recruitment initiatives. We partner with a number of diversity focused companies and associations to ensure Lafarge has tapped the largest possible pool of candidates. We have also increased our traditional college recruitment practices to ensure we obtain a cross-section of potential candidates. We seek out diverse talent at all schools and specifically target historically underrepresented institutions.


  • Mentoring programs foster a supportive environment.


  • We are members with Catalyst ,one of the pioneering organizations working with large corporations on Diversity efforts


  • We benchmark with companies of our size in and beyond industries to follow best practices on diversity and inclusion. 


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Lafarge's principles in action

Key to Lafarge is its values of respect, care and constructive dialogue with stakeholders, including employees. These values are reflected in Lafarge's approach in its operations and business activities which focus on sustainable growth by reconciling the challenges of economic development and environmental respect.

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