Diversity and inclusion
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Our people

Our Future Success Depends on the Creativity and Innovation of our People


Like any successful organization, each employee brings a unique set of experiences that bring benefit to the entire team. A diverse group of individuals working in an inclusive work environment where everyone has a voice will ultimately cultivate the most creativity and innovation.


Although it may be comfortable to work with those who share similar interests and experiences, it can lead to a lack of critical thought, creativity, or outside-the-box thinking. Furthermore, our workforce may not reflect the customers we serve or the communities where we work. This could lead to potential difficulties that could prevent our long-term success.


In order to achieve our vision, Lafarge will commit to improving its diversity and inclusion efforts to increase innovation and competitiveness.



There are several ongoing initiatives within Lafarge to better understand our diversity and inclusion challenges and how we can make real improvements at all levels of our organization. These initiatives range from short-term objectives to long-term investments in effort and resources.


We seek to ensure our future success by working to increase diversity and inclusion efforts at Lafarge.



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