Our Priorities
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On a global level, the Lafarge Group relies on major NGOs recognized worldwide for their expertise in environment preservation.

WWF International


After working together for 13 years,  the Lafarge Group has agreed with WWF International to end our partnership.

Pioneering at the time of launch in 2000, renewed in 2005 and in 2009, it focused on 5 key areas of action related to environmental issues:

  • Climate change;
  • Biodiversity;
  • Water management;
  • Persistent pollutants;
  • Sustainable construction.  


Over these past 13 years, we have accomplished significant progress on all these topics:

  • CO2: the Group achieved ahead of time our target to reduce our emissions by 20% per ton of cement between 1990 and 2010;
  • Biodiversity: 100% of our sites in internationally sensitive areas have implemented site Biodiversity Management Plans;
  • Water: 100% of our cement and aggregates sites have been assessed for water risk, using WWF's Water Risk Filter, in order to develop appropriate action plans;
  • Biomass: the Group has developed a sustainable strategy supporting our ambitious target of 15% biomass content in our energy mix by 2020;
  • Persistant pollutants: by the end of 2010, we had measured, for the first time, the emissions from 100% of our kilns and developed reduction programs;
  • Sustainable construction: the Group has developed a scorecard to assess energy/thermal performance of construction projects;
  • There has also been work with other cement companies through the Cement Sustainability Initiative to raise sector standards in biodiversity and persistent pollutants, for instance.


Building on this expertise, the Lafarge Group remains fully committed to a renewable future. We will continue to reduce our environmental footprint while creating value for all our stakeholders through our Sustainability Ambitions 2020 and in line with our strategy to contribute to building better cities.


Projects in the Field

Canada, USA, and around the world, during our 13-years partnership, the Lafarge Group has conducted numerous local initiatives with WWF, including:

  • Quarry rehabilitation,
  • Biodiversity preservation programs on our sites,
  • Supply circuits for biomass renewable fuels,
  • Improved water management of our facilities.


Partnerships with biodiversity specialists


Lafarge works closely with specialists to expand its understanding of biodiversity:


Local experts such as:

  • the Wildlife Habitat Council (United States) has recognized the attention to biodiversity shown in the Group's industrial approach by certifying several of its Cement and Aggregates sites.
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