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Sustainable Construction

Sustainable construction, from Lafarge's perspective, involves reducing a building's impact all long its life while controlling cost and preserving aesthetics and comfort. Numerous partnerships, research and development of innovative products are all advantages and actions which make Lafarge a major player in sustainable construction.

Sustainable Construction at the Heart of Lafarge's Strategy

Constructing differently is a constant challenge for Lafarge. For several years, the Group has been incorporating into its activities sensitive questions about preserving resources, rehabiliting quarries, limiting pollution and reducing worksite inconvenience and disturbance, and thinking about its contribution on completed buildings performances.


Lafarge dedicates more than 120 million euros per year to research, product development and industrial performance and process improvement. This investment is significantly higher than that of other players in the sector. The Group's Research Center is the world's leading research facility in building materials.

But sustainable construction responds to major economic, social and environmental challenges which go far beyond the Lafarge Group's field of activities:



With Universities and Research Centers


That is why the Lafarge is multiplying its partnerships and working with numerous organizations to drive sustainable construction forward: universities, research centers, architects, international bodies, etc.


Scientific progress is promoted by sharing and discussion. Materials engineering is no exception. This is why Lafarge is working with the leading research centers in the world as well as the most prestigious international schools, institutions and universities.

The aim is share knowledge and expertise, maintain a lead in innovation and the quality of materials and advance sustainable construction. Particular examples include:


  • MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in the United States: Lafarge is exploring new and very cutting-edge experimental methods to observe the behavior of materials on a nanometric scale.
  • Princeton University in the United States: Lafarge is modeling microstructure in order to design very low carbon cements and concretes which do not crack.


Lafarge also regularly participates in numerous international conferences on the theme of sustainable construction materials.

Perez art Museum, Florida, USA.

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