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Sustainability Ambitions

Sustainable development, social progress, environmental protection: these concerns have been at the heart of Lafarge's strategy since its inception, over 170 years ago.

2020 Ambitions

Making a net positive contribution to society

Lafarge showed its leadership in this area by being the first in its sector and one of the first industrials to take on firm CO2 reduction commitments and has continued its progress in its Ambitions 2012 program (2007-2012).

We are increasingly convinced that considering the vast challenges that the world faces on education, urbanization and poverty, we need to go further.


As the world leader in our sector, we can contribute to improving the quality of life of an always-expanding urban population through homes, housing systems and infrastructure.


This is why Lafarge Sustainability Ambitions 2020 are the first steps towards a vision of the future where we strive to protect the environment and, more importantly, to make a net positive contribution to society as a whole.


Our new Ambitions are organized around three pillars that will establish us as a leading sustainability company:

  • Society / Building Communities,
  • Economy / Building Sustainably,
  • Environment / Building the Circular Economy.


Lafarge's Ambitions 2020 will drive changes to every part of the Group's operations over the next eight years, in order to change the way we operate and let us progress towards our vision.

2020 Sustainability Ambitions

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Transforming the organization

The Ambitions are about leveraging the expertise and daily activities of our teams to effect social and environmental change, thus making Lafarge an even more trustworthy and relevant organization; they are about making Lafarge a company that will be more diverse, local, adaptable and resilient than ever; they are about using bold and stretch targets to inspire employees, unleash creativity and transform our company; they are about incorporating societal issues into strategy and operations.

Preserving the Environment

Lafarge North America is committed to being a leader in sustainability. Our goals include preserving natural resources, limiting the amount of waste we produce in our plants, protecting and improving the quality of life for plant and animal species around our plants and rehabilitating our quarries. For Lafarge, sustainability influences the products we produce and the way that we produce those products. Several of our facilities, including the Bath, Ontario Cement Plant are experimenting with alternative fuels in order to lower the amount of coal used at our plants.

Partnerships with leading organizations

Over the past several years, Lafarge North America has been recognized in North America by the Wildlife Habitat Council, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the National Stone & Gravel Association, in additional to many other organizations for our work in protecting the environment.

Contributing at the Local Level

Lafarge makes a large contribution to the communities local to many of its North American operations. The products it manufactures are made close to where they will be used, ensuring they are adapted to the requirements of local customers and markets and reducing long-haul transportation of heavy goods. Its operations provide skilled jobs and contributions to the local economy through taxes, use of local sub-contractors and community partnerships.


Within the United States, our business involves transportation and construction projects across the country, rebuilding infrastructure and working closely with state and federal transportation agencies to meet their needs, and the needs of the communities they serve. Lafarge is committed to remaining engaged on key transportation policy initiatives, ensuring that federal resources are allocated effectively, and working to partner with the public sector to complete critical construction and rehabilitation projects. We encourage our employees and executives to be active in their communities, and express their opinion on policy issues of key importance to our company. Lafarge publicly discloses its lobbying activities under the Federal Lobbying Disclosure Act, and in any states where we are required to register and disclose our activities. We routinely review and update our internal policies.  


If you have specific inquiries or questions, please feel free to contact us.

Moving Towards A Sustainable Development

Lafarge is convinced that sustained economic growth cannot occur without social progress and environmental protection. Only by taking account economic, social and environmental challenges can the long-term success of Lafarge's operations be guaranteed.



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