Research & Innovation
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Working With Architects

Lafarge is engaged in a constructive and enriching dialog with the architectural world. The aim is to debate the properties of materials, consider their applications, and promote the use of materials that are environmentally sound.

Partnerships & Events

Lafarge actively pursues partnerships with architects and helps them to achieve  ambitious project goals. For example, the Hypergreen Tower concept, developed by French architect, Jacques Ferrier, shows how the Lafarge Group and architects can work together to imagine the architecture of tomorrow and the methods with which those buildings could be constructed.


Lafarge recognizes the importance of education as the support of today's architecture students contributes to the health and vitality of tomorrow's architectural industry.  Understanding this link, Lafarge maintains an ongoing partnership with American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) through its annual AIAS sponsorship agreement.  As part of this partnership, Lafarge provides various resources and information to the AIAS and its members for the purpose of educating on such topics as building materials and sustainable construction.  Learn more about the AIAS at the link below.


Lafarge participates in a great many national and international events. Our objective is to contribute to discussions on urbanism, architecture, and sustainable construction. Click the link below to view the list of events in which we have participated in North America.

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Reseach & Innovation

Innovative products to meet customer needs

Find out about the innovative products offered by Lafarge, in all of its divisions - designed to meet the needs of all customers.    

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