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Asphalt & Concrete

Lafarge's concrete and asphalt products respond to customers' expectations.  


In concrete, Lafarge offers different concrete formulations - from conventional to made-to-measure - so every construction site has the right concrete to meet its needs. Lafarge also offers asphalt solutions that meet a range of needs for optimum performance.



Agilia®, the First Self-placing, Self-leveling Concrete

Created in 2000, Agilia® spreads effortlessly - a revolution on the worksite. Its fluid texture eliminates the tiresome and noisy chore of vibrating concrete to make it spread regularly.


The result: time savings, less noise pollution and less physical labor on the building site. This easy-to-use concrete flows into the smallest nooks and perfectly matches any shape. It is robust and aesthetically pleasing.


Ductal®, the Ultra-High Performance Fiber-reinforced Concrete

Developed in the mid 90's, Ductal UHPC offers a combination of properties including strength, ductility, durability and aesthetic design flexibility. Significantly stronger and more durable than conventional concrete, it is used in a wide range of structural, architectural and artistic applications.


Benefits and performance features include: 

  • compressive strengths ranging from 150 to 225 MPa (22,000 to 33,000 psi)
  • flexural strengths ranging from 25 to 50 MPa (3000 to 7200 psi)
  • complex shapes
  • reduced maintenance
  • faster construction
  • minimal to no reinforcement required
  • resistance to impact
  • improved abrasion resistance
  • freeze/thaw resistance
  • dimensional stability
  • extremely low permeability and porosity
  • integral color
  • customized textures
  • load bearing capability
  • thin section capability
  • extended structural life

Artevia®, A Range of Esthetic Concretes

Launched in 2004, Artevia® is a range of decorative concretes for outdoor applications. The product line has experienced strong sales growth and the volumes sold increased by 35% in 2006.

Artevia® concretes offer many advantages:


  • excellent adaptation to complex shapes,
  • quick installation and low maintenance,
  • resistance to wear and tear,
  • creative freedom with a wide choice of colors and surface appearances. 

Extensia®, Concrete Without Cracks

Extensia® concrete was developed for slabs and industrial floors which are subject to heavy traffic and storage loads. It helps limit cracking in floors and reduces the number of expansion joints, which are both expensive and unsightly. Its formulation allows for the pouring of large surface area slabs with reduced numbers of joints, going up to 400m² with no joint, as opposed to 25 m² for a standard concrete. The Extensia® formulation also facilitates preparation, pouring and the removal of formwork. This results in considerable time savings (-40%) and less physical labor.


Extensia® also offers a number of advantages in terms of sustainable development:


  • it does not require steel reinforcement,
  • it consumes less energy during the pour,
  • it offers excellent resistance to wear and tear, limiting future maintenance and eliminating the need for a protective top coat. A real plus for the environment!

Chronolia®, Boosting Construction Sites

Chronolia® represents a major technological advance for the building sector. The result of extremely advanced research in nanotechnologies, it offers the same flexibility of use as a conventional ready-mix concrete but develops extremely high mechanical resistance soon after pouring. Its formwork can be removed 4 hours after pouring compared to 12 to 20 hours for traditional concrete. Consequently, the number of daily cycles of form setting and stripping can be doubled, resulting in considerable time savings and productivity gains on the worksite!



Lafarge Asphalt has developed the Durapave® product range to provide asphalt solutions, which deliver optimum quality, performance, durability and sustainability.  Each of the products in our Durapave series offers unique performance characteristics designed to address a range of needs such as moisture damage, high axle loading and sound attenuation.


Duraclime® uses warm mix asphalt technology to enable the production of asphalt mixes at reduced temperatures while also incorporating higher levels of reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) and asphalt shingle modifier (ASM).


Duracycle® is a range of branded proprietary hot mix asphalt products that contain enhanced levels of recycled material. Using locally sourced recycled materials such as reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP), asphalt shingle modifier (ASM), and crushed glass sand, Duracycle reduces the demand for primary aggregates and makes a significant contribution to sustainable-resource and environmental objectives


Duraphalt HM® (High Modulus) is a heavy duty asphalt based on stone mastic asphalt technology designed to reduce wheel rut damage caused by heavy and/or slow moving vehicles.


Duratint® is a colored hot mix asphalt designed to provide demarcation for safety or parking zones, or to provide an aesthetic alternative to conventional black asphalt surfacing materials.

Duratough® is a semi-flexible surfacing system for pavement areas that are subject to heavy and/or slow-moving traffic, or where a durable, hard-wearing, impermeable, and fuel-resistant surface is required


Duraway® is a dense-graded asphalt mixture designed for pathways, sidewalks, parking lots, and driveways.


Durawhisper® hot mix asphalt uses crumb rubber to modify the asphalt cement binder to provide a thin asphalt overlay specifically designed to reduce noise.

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