Research & Innovation
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Lafarge is committed to generating value for its customers and responding to the needs of the markets in which it operates. Understanding our customers' needs and the way they use our products enables us to develop truly innovative products, systems, and solutions.


Lafarge has developed concretes that are easier to use and save time and money on building sites. To produce concretes that are also more resistant, more durable, and aesthetically pleasing, Lafarge developed Ductal®, Extensia™, Agilia™, Artevia™ and Chronolia™.


Cement is a complex material with many uses.  As a hydraulic binder, it acts as a very sophisticated glue.  Lafarge researchers are working to develop cements suited to diverse customer needs while reducing the impact of these products on the environment. Learn more about products such as MaxCem and TerCem 3000. 


Lafarge Asphalt has developed the Durapave® product range to provide asphalt solutions, which deliver optimum quality, performance, durability and sustainability.  Each of the products in our Durapave series offers unique performance characteristics designed to address a range of needs such as moisture damage, high axle loading and sound attenuation.

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Reseach & Innovation

Innovative products to meet customer needs

Find out about the innovative products offered by Lafarge, in all of its divisions - designed to meet the needs of all customers.    

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