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The Lafarge Group dedicates more than 120 million euros per year to research, product development and industrial performance and process improvement.  The Group's Research Center is the world's leading research facility in building materials.

Expertise and Organization

Lafarge's research is closely linked to the needs and specifications of the markets where the Group operates. Lafarge has put into place an international R&D network, which includes a Research Center near Lyons (France) and Technical centers and laboratories around the world for the development and industrialization of solutions at local level.


Over the past 20 years, the R&D teams have developed a scientific approach to building materials.


With today's sophisticated technology, Lafarge researchers can study the structure of materials down to the nano-scale, in other words, at an infinitely small scale. This has given them a greater understanding of the mechanisms which determine their mechanical strength, durability etc. allowing them to develop better-structured products with considerably improved properties.


The magic of fluid concrete


Superplasticizers developed by Lafarge researchers make it possible to enhance the fluidity of concrete without adding water. Consequently, the concrete remains fluid for over 2 hours and is easier to use, more resistant and longer lasting.

More Resistant Concrete

Lafarge researchers have developed a technique known as granular stacking, a process which fluidifies concrete, which is more compact when it sets. As the smaller pores can better resist weathering influences, such as water, air and CO2, granular packing makes it possible to increase the mechanical strength and durability of concrete.

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Reseach & Innovation

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