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Firecheck® Type X

Lafarge Firecheck® Type X is gypsum board enhanced with glass fibers to offer greater strength and fire protection for use in interior walls and ceilings.

The board has a noncombustible gypsum core and paper facings on the front (ivory), back, and long edges. It is available in several edge treatments, and its ivory facing paper will accommodate a variety of decorative elements after proper surface preparation.


Firecheck Type X can be used in applications that require direct mechanical attachment to wood or metal framing, or as a component of fire-rated assemblies. It may also be used as a thermal barrier in roof assemblies when specified by the roofing manufacturer.


When used in a certified sound-rated assembly, Firecheck Type X will also contribute to required Sound Transmission Class (STC) values.


Note: Firecheck Type X is suitable for interior applications only and should not be used in environments where temperatures exceed 125 degrees Fahrenheit (52 degrees Celsius) for extended periods of time, or in areas of extreme humidity. To maintain performance integrity the board should be protected from exposure to adverse conditions during storage and construction. To ensure optimal Type X fire-resistance performance, users should follow the recommended installation procedures.



Firecheck Type X is suitable for various indoor uses, including:

  • Interior walls and ceilings
  • Elevator enclosures
  • Stairwell enclosures
  • Area separation fire walls
  • Roofing substrates


Firecheck Type X offers several advantages over regular drywall:

Fire resistance: An enhanced level of fire resistance compared with regular drywall for both residential and commercial construction applications. Firecheck Type X is formulated to perform in accordance with ASTM C 1396, Sections 5 and C 36, Type X; and is UL labeled (Type LGFC6A).

Ease of installation: Fast installation, similar to that of regular drywall.

Identification: Firecheck Type X is clearly identified by the UL label on the back and "Type X" printed on the tapered edge of the face of the board.


Physical Characteristics:

Core: Noncombustible, dimensionally stable, inert gypsum enhanced with glass fibers for strength and fire resistance.

Paper: 100 percent recycled; front and edges are ivory; back is gray.

Long edges: Square, tapered, rounded, or beveled.

Emissions: Asbestos free; GREENGUARD certified; listed as a low-emitting material with the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS); and MAS Certified Green.


Available Sizes:

Nominal thickness: 5/8 inch.

Nominal widths: 4 feet and 54 inches.

Standard lengths: 6 feet to 16 feet.

Nominal weight: 2.26 pounds per square foot.



Can contribute to the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED Credit Qualification in several credit categories to assist in obtaining LEED certification. Visit for more details on specific credit contributions and documentation.



Wear safety glasses and NIOSH-approved respirators during cutting, breaking, rasping or other dust-producing activities.

Material safety data sheets (MSDSs) are available for all Lafarge products upon request.


*The federal specification for gypsum board, SS-L-30d, was withdrawn in 1984. It is provided here for information only and should not be referenced for new construction.

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Firecheck Type X

GREENGUARD; low-emitting; VOC; air quality; indoor air
LEED; credits; green

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