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Community Development, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

In a new community development in Calgary's Northeast, a significant drainage area collecting to a single outfall was in search of stormwater treatment alternatives to reduce sediment loads entering city waterways. Ultimately, the StormceptorMAX was selectedThe StormceptorMAX is Stormceptor's solution to large scale industrial, commercial, and municipal sites. Whereas a traditional Stormceptor is confi gured such that the treatment chamber requires a relatively deep installation, the StormceptorMAX treatment chamber is oriented horizontally, providing maximum storage in a minimal footprint. This feature also has the benefit of reduced excavation requirements, which results in reductions to installation costs and schedules.

The project in NE Calgary consisted of 4 - 2440 x 2440 boxes acting as the treatment chamber of the unit, with 1050 mm diameter pipe providing an internal overfl ow between the 2440 mm diameter inlet and outlet risers. This internal overfl ow is one of the key design features of the StormceptorMAX that led to its selection on this project, which allows the unit to be installed in line with the piping system versus other alternatives that require additional infrastructure. Another benefi t to this internal overfl ow, as with all Stormceptor units, is the prevention of scour or resuspension of previously captured sediment.

For more information on the Stormceptor solutions available in your area please contact your local Lafarge Pipe representative or consult the Lafarge Pipe eManual at to meet the project's needs.


The StormceptorMAX responds to the needs of large-scale industrial and residential areas which may require a single stormwater management device. It provides stormwater quality treatment for areas 20 to 100+ acres and industrial spill volume capture of 15,000+ gallons.

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