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Here at Lafarge Pipe, we work to develop innovative solutions that help design professionals achieve sustainable design.

Environmental Sustainability


  • Locally Available Materials used in the production of concrete pipe reduce emissions associated with transporting materials.
  • Recycled Industrial Fly Ash is used to replace some of the energy-intensive Portland Cement, while also keeping this waste product out of the landfill.
  • Recycled Aggregates created from crushing old concrete products are used to make new ones.
  • Steel Reinforcement is also recycled after the life of a concrete product.
  • Concrete Pipe is Inert, meaning it does not react with or release undesirable chemicals in the ground once installed.

Financial Sustainability

Concrete pipe has an estimated life span of 100 years, providing long-term relief to the replacement costs associated with other products. The durability of concrete pipe also inevitably reduces costs associated with repair over the life of a project.


The Lafarge Pipe Operation located in Calgary, AB, is proud to be a selected as one of four Calgary area biodiversity sites. Biodiversity refers to the diverse spectrum of plants, animals, and even microorganisms in the natural environment. Given the Pipe Operation's location along the Bow River, biodiversity at this site is of particular importance and care.


Biodiversity initiatives at the Pipe Operation include:

  • Bat boxes
  • Erecting a nesting platform for eagles
  • Planting a native pollinator garden
  • Building nesting boxes for song birds
  • Arranging brush piles for small mammals
  • Tree wrapping for protection from beavers
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