Concrete Pipe
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Manufacturing Process

High quality precast concrete pipe is manufactured using state-of-the-art facilities, processes and equipment, integrated under controlled conditions. Several different processes are used, each capable of producing precast concrete pipe that conforms to the requirements of applicable standards. The following sections provide an overview of the materials used to produce a concrete product of consistently high quality.



Materials used in the manufacture of precast concrete pipe consist of locally available aggregates and manufactured products. Each of the materials is covered by an ASTM standard relative to its properties and methods of testing. The primary components of the concrete are:


  • Cement
  • Fly Ash
  • Water
  • Aggregates


Steel Reinforcement

Cage machines, mandrels and wire rollers are the three most common means of fabricating reinforcing cages in a concrete pipe plant. This is done to ensure tight tolerances for our engineered products. Each product has different reinforcing requirements; for more information, please refer to the Lafarge Pipe eManual on the right.


There are two methods of precast concrete production employed at Lafarge facilities across Western Canada; drycast and wetcast production.


Dry Cast

The dry cast method uses zero slump concrete and vibration to produce a dense, durable concrete. This process allows the product to be removed from the forms after the concrete has been consolidated. Concrete pipe, boxes and manhole products are manufacture with this method.

Plant Tours

Interested in seeing how concrete pipe is made? Please contact your local Lafarge Pipe representative to set up a plant tour.

Wet Cast

Wet casting of concrete pieces, as the name implies, uses a concrete mix that is wet relative to the mixes used in other processes. Manholes, top and base sections and custom pieces are manufactured with the wet cast method,and then cured and stripped all at one location.

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