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Precast Ductal

Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) Products

Ductal® is an UHPC that provides a unique combination of strength, ductility, durability, and aesthetics, thereby facilitating the ability to design innovative precast products by creating different shapes that are stronger, thinner, lighter, durable, and more graceful in appearance.

UHPC Provides Strength, Ductility, Durability, and Aesthetics


Imagine being able to bend, shape, and form a thin piece of material to be exactly what you want.



If a 6-by-10-foot sheet of Ductal®, just one-inch thick, can permanently suspend a 2,000-pound car, imagine what Ductal® can do for your next project



Imagine the freedom to mold, shape, build, and create-in color.



Imagine a pier that your great, great grandchildren could walk on.





Some Projects Using UHPC


800 Yates Office Building

Ultra-high performance precast concrete panels were used in a curtain wall system to provide the cladding for this downtown Victoria building.


Clark Builders Floating Stairway
Prestessed Ductal® was used to create floating cantilevered stair treads with a 30-millimeter- thick surface.


Shawnessy LRT Station

Lafarge's Ductal® made it possible to achieve the architect's vision for these attractive, durable precast canopies in Calgary, Alberta. The 24 thin-shelled canopies measure 5.5 by 6.1 meters (18 by 20 feet), are just 20 millimeters (¾-inch) thick, and are supported on single columns.


Gold Bar Waste Water Treatment Plant

Precast Ductal® troughs offered a durable alternative to stainless steel clarifier troughs for the waste water industry.  As a result, the physical property requirements were met and the solution generated significant value for the owner. The use of UHPC in this application allowed for a remarkably thin product with strengths, weight, and durability similar to stainless steel.

Ductal Panel. 800 Yates

Ductal Clarifier Trough for Waste Water Plant


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