Precast Solutions
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Custom Precast Solutions

Custom construction solutions using precast concrete are becoming a popular choice for many construction projects. Key drivers behind this increased popularity are reduced construction time as well as moving labor off site to a production plant.

How Custom Solutions Work

Custom solutions by Lafarge evolve from discussion with the owner and designers to understand the challenges they are facing. Lafarge works with the team to develop concepts and products that address unique project requirements. Lafarge is one of the world's leading suppliers of construction materials. The Precast division of Lafarge has support from our global knowledge network and on-going research.


Fast Construction
Owners and designers who use Lafarge's custom solutions say the solutions can shorten the project timetable and remove a significant amount of labor from the job sight. Lafarge custom solution helps keep projects on track.


Scheduling Advantages

Fabrication of precast elements during permitting and/or site preparation saves time resulting in fast efficient construction regardless of weather conditions.


         1. Designing precast systems is easier, thanks to assistance from Lafarge's engineering department.

         2. Precast components can be erected in winter conditions, maintaining tight schedules.

         3. Lafarge has experienced field installation staff able to work on large civil projects.

         4. Precast components will not burn because they are naturally fire protected. Precast's inherent fire resistance eliminates the messy and time-consuming fireproofing required for a steel structure and the need to repair damage to the fireproofing caused by other trades.


High Quality
Lafarge's precast concrete components are certified in accordance with CSA A23.4 and certified by CPCI Certification Program. Tight control ensures that components are produced with uniform consistency.


Low Maintenance
Precast concrete construction solutions use high quality and durable materials that require less maintenance than structures constructed with other materials.


Effective Pricing
Because of precast concrete's tightly controlled and shorter production process, costs can be more accurately estimated earlier in the process. Changes during design development can be quickly reassessed by Lafarge's engineering departments to verify that estimates remain stable. The contractor, owner, and design team are assured that project budgets remain sound.


Lafarge Precast is a CanQual-registered company that treats safety as its highest priority. Precast construction keeps a site cleaner and eliminates trades from the construction zone, improving logistics and enhancing worker safety. Site storage is usually not required; precast components are lifted by crane directly from a truck into position. A clean site is particularly vital in congested work spaces.


Interior Design Flexibility
Long-span precast concrete systems help building owners adapt to changing client needs in future years. Precast floor members can span from 14 to 16 meters (45 to 50 feet) to match typical composite-steel framing and minimize the need for interior columns required with cast-in-place systems. Precast can span as far as 21 meters (70 feet) to provide flexibility for challenging interior requirements. Precast also provides high loading capacity at little added cost.


Sustainable Design
Precast concrete offers a number of benefits that make it environmentally friendly, a growing need as the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) criteria become more popular. Precast's energy efficiency, recyclability, reusability along with minimal waste in the precast plant and on the jobsite are keys to meeting environmental standards that are gaining client interest.

Precast offers high thermal mass that has become a feasible element of building design. With precast's ability to aid in meeting LEED standards, the benefits of thermal mass will become more apparent to designers in the future. The use of fly ash, slag, and other waste materials aid its environmental friendliness. Precast's high durability produces buildings with a total service life that far outpaces other designs.


Comprehensive Drawings
Lafarge uses parametric 3-D modeling software for design detailing. This software features an open system that is compatible with most other 3-D design programs currently in use.


A Single Source Provider
In addition to precast concrete Lafarge can provide other construction materials such as concrete pipe, paving, ready-mix concrete, aggregates, and cement.

Custom Residential Precast Solution

High quality precast products

Schedule advantage: Winter erection.

3-D BIM Modelling

Customized Precast Products

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