Ductal® is a family of ultra-high performance concrete ("UHPC") products with a unique combination of properties including strength, ductility, durability and aesthetic design flexibility. Blended with high carbon metallic or poly-vinyl alcohol (PVA) fibers, it is extremely moldable and replicates form materials with great precision. Elements can have thinner sections, complex and/or curved shapes with longer spans that are lighter, more graceful and innovative in geometry and form (compared to conventional concrete), with improved durability and impermeability against corrosion, abrasion and impact. Many economies gained are a result of engineering new solutions for old problems. Advantages may include: reduced global construction costs, formworks, labor and maintenance; relating to improved site construction safety, speed of construction and extended usage life.


For more information, visit the Ductal® Website: www.ductal-lafarge.com

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Discover examples of projects from around North America that have made use of Lafarge products.

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