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The City of Pueblo, Colo.
Overlaying a street in Pueblo, CO with DuraCycle asphalt

Looking for a way to expand its use of "green" technology, the city of Pueblo, Colo., in 2009 awarded Lafarge Construction WUS the city's street overlay project. 


Lafarge originally bid the job with 20 percent recycled asphalt, considered the "standard" resurfacing material. But, after consulting with Pueblo's Streets Division and learning of the city's desire for even greener technology, Lafarge suggested its more sustainable DuraCycle™ asphalt, which the city's engineers agreed to test on four Pueblo streets. Once they saw the positive test results, Pueblo officials added an additional five streets to the original program, and now have approved DuraCycle for Lafarge to use on their city streets.


Building on this success, Lafarge has also proposed using DuraWay™ as a thin lift surface application, as well as DuraPhalt™ for a more sustainable mix that uses recycled asphalt roofing shingles.


According to Lew Fox from the city's Streets Division, "Using these new, innovative, green asphalt products from Lafarge will help extend the city's budget and allow for more resurfacing to be completed each year."

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Lafarge Asphalt is committed to being North America's leading developer and supplier of innovative Asphalt products designed to optimize quality, performance, durability, and sustainability. Each of the products in our Durapave® series offers unique performance characteristics designed to address a range of needs such as moisture damage, high axle loading and sound attenuation. At the heart of all of our Asphalt products is research, testing  and development, ensuring the highest end performance is delivered.

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