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Calgary International Airport
Duratough asphalt used at Calgary International Airport

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Calgary International Airport (YYC), a major gateway for Western Canada, needed major maintenance and repair of its main runway and taxi areas. Wear and tear had left small ruts in the pavement, rendering aircraft unable to pull away from the jet bridges (walkways to aircraft) without a tow. Moreover, when the planes pulled out of the holding areas, they required extra thrust, spraying unspent fuel onto waiting aircraft behind.


Lafarge in Calgary has a long history of working with the Calgary airport authority and had previously trialed Duratough™ in several locations throughout the airport locality. The installation entails a two-stage process using a proprietary porous asphalt layer, which is then flooded with a highly cementitious grout to form a solid asphalt/concrete mass. The resulting surface offers very high resistance to point loading and sheer forces from the turning movements of aircraft.


Duratough offers substantial savings over alternative solutions because it doesn't require a long curing period. At YYC, the grouting was completed on a Saturday and aircraft traffic was permitted in the area the following morning, almost eliminating the downtime usually required for such repairs.

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Lafarge Asphalt is committed to being North America's leading developer and supplier of innovative Asphalt products designed to optimize quality, performance, durability, and sustainability. Each of the products in our Durapave® series offers unique performance characteristics designed to address a range of needs such as moisture damage, high axle loading and sound attenuation. At the heart of all of our Asphalt products is research, testing  and development, ensuring the highest end performance is delivered.

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