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Saddleback Road, Edmonton
Paving crew working with Duraclime, Saddleback Rd, Edmonton

In August 2009, Lafarge Construction was awarded a $1.83 million tender that included resurfacing Saddleback Road, a key strategic collector road in Edmonton, the capital of Alberta.


The contract involved full-depth reclamation of the existing pavement structure and a 75-millimeter asphalt overlay. Keeping with the desire for innovation in recycling and sustainability, Chris Hartmann, operations manager for Lafarge Construction, worked in partnership with the city of Edmonton to gain acceptance for the use of Duraclime™ for the asphalt overlay.


The initial stages of the project involved full-depth reclamation, using foamed asphalt, of 24,750 square meters of the existing pavement structure. This operation was carried out using specialized, in-house Lafarge equipment, which turned the pavement structure into a recycled granular material in situ. The material was then mixed with cement and foamed asphalt cement (bitumen), again in situ, to provide a new base layer to the road. This process saved 12,500 metric tons of aggregate deliveries and 425 truck movements into and out of the residential area.


The road was then resurfaced using 5,000 metric tons of Duraclime warm mix asphalt to provide an environmentally friendly contract package for Edmonton. Duraclime offers less oxidation of the mix, more uniformity of compaction, fewer emissions, improved workplace conditions, fuel savings, and reduced pavement cracking over traditional asphalt.


"Saddleback Road represents true sustainability," says Pat Whalen, special products engineering manager for Lafarge Construction. "Working in partnership with the client to use our value-added product range and deliver increased levels of recycling innovation demonstrates our commitment to environmentally sensitive road construction."


The benefits of full-depth reconstruction with foamed asphalt are that 100 percent of the material can be recycled; the treated material can be opened to traffic immediately after placing and compacting; and the resulting pavement offers superior performance characteristics (better resistance to deformation and rutting). In addition, this approach delivers a 10 percent to 15 percent cost savings over conventional full-depth pulverization and overlay.

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Lafarge Asphalt is committed to being North America's leading developer and supplier of innovative Asphalt products designed to optimize quality, performance, durability, and sustainability. Each of the products in our Durapave® series offers unique performance characteristics designed to address a range of needs such as moisture damage, high axle loading and sound attenuation. At the heart of all of our Asphalt products is research, testing  and development, ensuring the highest end performance is delivered.

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