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Hot Mix Asphalt—The Sustainable Solution

Lafarge Asphalt supports sustainability in construction through material conservation, reduced energy costs, water preservation, noise reduction, and long-life pavements.

Hot Mix Asphalt Is Sustainable

Asphalt is widely recognized as one of the most recyclable construction materials in use on the planet today. Lafarge North America typically incorporates up to 30 percent of reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) back into new asphalt production, reducing total life-cycle greenhouse gases by 10 percent. Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) pavement is the most recycled material in the United States; each year more than 100 million tonnes of asphalt pavement is reused or recycled into new pavements.


Lafarge asphalt operations do not just recycle RAP but our mixes utilize waste material from other industries, with roofing shingles, tire rubber, glass, and spent rail ballast all being incorporated into new asphalt production


Currently, 100 percent of the asphalt supplied can be recycled. Even more important, it can be recycled at the highest point in the asphalt value chain-back into new asphalt construction-without detriment or compromise to the quality of the finished product


Sustainable construction is a growing concern for all stakeholders, from state governments with major highway projects to parking lots for grocery chains that also want to demonstrate a commitment to the green agenda.


Lafarge is promoting and driving sustainability on five fronts:


  • Recycling
    • Lafarge has incorporated the latest technology in our asphalt plant network and where mix types and specifications can add up to 40% RAP.
    • Lafarge North America is the leading recycler of asphalt shingles into HMA.


  • Energy Consumption
    • Lafarge North America has taken an industry-leading stance on the development of Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA).
    • Duraclime® is produced and laid at lower temperatures than traditional asphalt and provides energy savings through reduced drying and heating costs as well as substantially reduced overall carbon emissions.
    • Duraclime has the double advantage of being able to incorporate recycled material.


  • Water Preservation
    • Porous Asphalt Pavement is a paving solution that allows surface water to ‘drain' through the upper layers of material. Spray and water runoff are reduced, increasing safety and promoting rapid infiltration and groundwater recharge to reduce erosion and particulates to improve overall water quality.
    • This pavement design can also allow water to be trapped by an impermeable layer or stone recharge bed within the overall construction. The system is designed to collect rain and storm water which can then be reused by adjacent commercial or residential facilities.


  • Perpetual Pavements
    • Perpetual asphalt pavements are designed to provide long-lasting construction where maintenance involves the removal and replacement of only the upper layers (all the material removed can then be recycled back into the new asphalt layer).
    • The total structure will not need to be replaced, which eliminates the emissions related to complete removal and replacement. Since only the upper layers need to be replaced the maintenance and rehabilitation times are greatly reduced, further reducing the emissions caused by construction delays.


  • Noise reduction
    • In general, asphalt tends to provide a much smoother pavement than alternative materials. Research has demonstrated that Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) driving on a smooth asphalt pavement will use 4.5 percent less fuel than when driving on a rougher grooved surface.
    • Durawhisper® is a proprietary asphalt mix that uses crumb rubber to make a thin open textured material that can reduce noise levels by up to 10DBa.
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Lafarge Asphalt is committed to being North America's leading developer and supplier of innovative Asphalt products designed to optimize quality, performance, durability, and sustainability. Each of the products in our Durapave® series offers unique performance characteristics designed to address a range of needs such as moisture damage, high axle loading and sound attenuation. At the heart of all of our Asphalt products is research, testing  and development, ensuring the highest end performance is delivered.

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