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True Lite Lightweight Aggregate™

True Lite Lightweight Aggregate™ brand aggregate ("True Lite") is a co-product of the iron production process.  It is well suited for lightweight concrete masonry, lightweight structural and non-structural concrete, and lightweight engineered fill applications.  True Lite offers excellent fire resistance, thermal insulating, and sound absorption capabilities.  True Lite conforms to ASTM C330 and C 331.


As a recycled product, True Lite can help earn points in the LEED® green building rating system.


Lightweight masonry.
True Lite offers premium quality at an economical price. Concrete blocks made with True Lite are up to 35 percent lighter than normal weight concrete blocks of the equivalent thickness. In-place costs are approximately the same as normal weight concrete masonry due to reduced unit laying costs and reduced dead loads.


Lightweight structural concrete.
True Lite provides engineering economies due to reduced dead loads for new and re-engineering applications.


Precast concrete applications.
True Lite offers per unit mass reductions of up to 35 to 40 percent.  Reduction in mass of precast units offers economies in handling and shipping as well as reduced thermal cracking and dead loads.


Engineered lightweight fill.
True Lite provides reduced loading for soil stabilization, and backfill and fill applications on existing structures. Lower per unit weight results in increased yield.


Loose bulk densities range from 45 to 60 pounds per cubic foot. Product sizes range from ½-inch coarse to sand grades of aggregates.

Sieve Analysis and Physical Properties

LEED Regional and Recycled Content

True Lite Product Data Sheet

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