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Comcast Center, Philadelphia, PA

As part of our commitment to building better cities and creating more compact structures to help reduce urban sprawl, Lafarge provides a wide range of innovative solutions for constructing sustainable, high-rise buildings, such as the Comcast Center in Philadelphia. Soaring 58 stories and 975 feet above the city skyline, this 1.25-million square-foot landmark office tower includes a cutting-edge sustainable design with a mix of public spaces, concourses, shops, restaurants, and dramatic entrances to the rail station.


Designed by Robert A. Stern Architects, this "vertical campus" for Comcast Corporation is one of the tallest certified green buildings in the United States. The high-performance skyscraper was built with locally sourced materials containing high levels of recycled content, including the concrete containing Lafarge NewCem® slag cement. Engineered for high strength and long-term durability, this environmentally friendly product helps achieve greater strength potential, reduced permeability and increased resistance to chemical attack in concrete structures. Utilizing high replacement levels of slag cement in properly proportioned mixes also helps control shrinkage, creep and cracking in mass concrete structures.


Construction of the Comcast Center required 50,000 cubic yards of concrete, of which 36,000 cubic yards for the large inner core structural system had to reach a minimum compressive strength of 10,000 psi to give the desired stiffness and strength for the building. To meet the required strength specification for this high-performance application, the project team used a self-consolidating concrete containing 40% NewCem slag cement and 60% Type I portland cement, which reached compressive strengths as great as 14,000 psi. Additional concrete containing a minimum of 35% NewCem slag cement was used for the mat foundation pour (5000 psi) and the lightweight decks on each floor of the building. 


According to the structural engineer for the project, using a higher strength concrete was important to producing a cost-effective building. NewCem slag cement also made a strong contribution to the Comcast Center's sustainable design, which earned LEED® Gold certification for its core and shell. The use of slag cement in concrete saves virgin raw materials, consumes less energy, and makes use of a of a recyclable by-product material of the steel-making process that might otherwise be disposed of in landfills. The result is high- performance concrete with less environmental impact and a structure that contributes to building a better and more compact city. 


Courtesy Comcast Corp.

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