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East Village Riverwalk


The Opportunity

In 2007, the Calgary City Council incorporated the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC) as a wholly owned subsidiary. The CMLC’s mandate was to implement and execute the Rivers District Community Revitalization Plan. The Rivers District, located on the east side of downtown Calgary, was once a thriving business and residential community, but has since become known for its neglected infrastructure and vacant lots. The Rivers District Community Revitalization Plan aims to unify the Rivers District with the rest of Calgary by transforming the district into a vibrant urban community that will attract new business, dining, recreational, and residential opportunities. Concrete, like wood products, is derived from natural materials that are produced locally.


The Goal

To transform the Rivers District into an urban destination, the CMLC selected several key projects for development. These projects included an underpass, the revitalization of three heritage buildings, and the East Village Riverwalk. Phase I of the East Village Riverwalk was slated to begin in the summer of 2010. The goal behind this project was to build a visually attractive space that would be suitable for public gathering. “We knew this would require a lot of concrete, but we wanted to avoid having it look like a parking lot,” says Neil Mackimmie, Development Manager for the CMLC. The CMLC partnered with Stantec Inc. to create a design for Phase 1 of the East Village Riverwalk that explored colours and texture in concrete. To accomplish this design, Lafarge’s Artevia® line of coloured and exposed concrete was used.


The Lafarge Solution

Construction for Phase I of the East Village Riverwalk was slated to begin in the summer of 2010 and continue into the fall. Prior to construction, Lafarge met with members of Stantec Inc. and CMLC to demonstrate various examples of Artevia® Color and Artevia® Exposed. “We wanted to avoid using beige or grey concrete,” continues Mackimmie. The finished design incorporated both Artevia® Color and Artevia® Exposed concrete. In addition to Artevia®, Lafarge was also able to provide CMLC with UltraSeriesTM Reduced Shrinkage Enhancers and UltraSeriesTM FiberPlus Poly. The addition of these two UltraSeriesTM products will help ensure the long term durability of the project. This means that Calgarians will be able enjoy the East Village Riverwalk for many years to come.



“Artevia really worked for what we were doing. It turned out perfectly.”– Neil Mackimmie, Development Manager, Calgary Municipal Land Corporation.



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