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Bird’s Hill Provincial Park Shower Facility


The Opportunity

Located just 15 minutes North of Winnipeg, Bird's Hill Park is one of the most frequented provincial parks in Manitoba. The provincial park, which sees close to 750 000 visitors annually, is a host to a variety of events during the summer, including one of North America's largest folk music events, the Winnipeg Folk Festival. The park also features campgrounds, bike trails, a recently expanded beach, and a stable for horseback riding enthusiasts. Established in 1964, Bird's Hill Provincial Park has seen steady growth. As it approaches its fifth decade of operation, the park has realized a need to develop new facilities and upgrade old ones to better serve its visitors. The Bird's Hill Provincial Park Shower Facility includes sixteen individual showers, two family showers, two barrier free showers, and both women's and men's washroom facilities.


The Goal

Bird's Hill Park approached MMP Architects Inc. to design a new shower facility that would serve its South Drive campsites. The goal was to create a low maintenance building that would also serve as an architectural feature for the park. Melding functionality and aesthetics, the finished design called for the entire facility to be made with cast in place concrete and featured daring angles and a wood grain exterior finish that would allow the facility to achieve a look that was both modern and natural.


The Problem

This project was originally awarded to a competitor, however, problems arose when the concrete supplied to the contractor, Westland Construction Ltd, lacked the fluidity needed to achieve the angles and the architectural finish called for in the design. Two design elements in particular proved to be a significant challenge: the wood grain finish on the exterior walls of the facility, and a wedge wall that jutted out of the facility and tapered off to knife's edge.


The Lafarge Solution

Westland Construction Ltd. turned to Lafarge for a concrete that would be able to meet their construction needs. Lafarge was able to supply Westland Construction Ltd. With Agilia® Architectural, a self consolidating concrete (SCC) engineered to provide contractors with maximum fluidity and stability. By using Agilia® Architectural, Westland Construction Ltd. was not only able to achieve the wood grain finish called for in the design, but was also able to successfully complete the wedge wall.


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