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Staples, Ottawa, Canada

The building team of Ottawa's SiteCast Construction Corp. recently raised the largest tilt-up panel in the company's 20- year history - a single 47-tonne unit forming the front entrance of a Staples retail outlet at the Kemptville Colonnade retail center.


Beginning this past spring, SiteCast was faced with a tight deadline for completion: the building needed to be ready to open for the quickly approaching back-to-school sales. In order to complete the typical cavity-wall construction in the short timeline, the tilt-up method was offered as the best solution.


The largest of the wall panels measured 13 metres across, 7.2 metres tall and a metre thick. While the other panels were cast exactly in place for tilt-up, the size of this panel required the construction team to cast it further from the building, then move it into place with a crane.


A total of 243 m3 of Chronolia was supplied for these panels, 100 m3 for the face panels and 143 m3 for structural panels. Using Chronolia allowed SiteCast to reach the flexural strengths required to lift the panels on schedule.


This was the NCR team's third tilt-up building project with SiteCast using Chronolia. As a result of the previous success with achieving the required high early strengths, SiteCast site supervisors were confident in Chronolia to help maintain their schedule.


SiteCast continues to promote tilt-up construction in the Ontario and area market - it's currently a more popular construction method in British Columbia and along the U.S. west coast. The use of Chronolia in this type of construction has proven to be very beneficial with it's rapid strength gain, improving turnaround time and productivity.

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