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Extensia® offers a powerful solution to the problem of shrinkage cracks in industrial and commercial interior floor slabs, promoting enhanced durability and flexural strength.

Extensia® is a premium industrial and commercial flooring solution with the combined benefits of high strength and low shrinkage. Its innovative design offers many benefits over conventional concrete, including increased abrasion resistance, higher compressive strengths and better joint durability.


When properly designed, Extensia can result in thinner slabs with less sawcuts while outperforming conventional steel fibre / surface hardner floors. This increased design flexibility allows designers to work with less concrete, less steel and provide their clients with real economic and environmental benefits.


Extensia is highly fluid in application and can achieve construction loading strengths in as little as 7 days (as determined by project engineering staff). This can result in considerable schedule effiencies.

low-shrinkage concrete, no steel reinforcement, less joint

Warehouse Extensia floor slab

Canada Bread Processing Facility, Hamilton, Ontario

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