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Lafarge offers a portfolio of products to meet your construction needs. We have invested heavily in bringing the most innovative technology to the concrete industry. Explore our wide range of products to see which best meets your construction needs.

8 Products

  1. Self-consolidating, easy-placement concrete, no vibration,

    Agilia® is a self-consolidating concrete that is easily placed and significantly reduces construction time and cost, eliminating the need for vibration. 

  2. Floor Screed, topping, pump-applied, free-flowing concrete,

    Agilia® Screed A is a ready-mix, pump-applied, free-flowing self-consolidating floor topping that provides a leveled, high-quality surface without cracking or curling. 

  3. Colored concrete, coloured concrete, exposed concrete,

    Artevia® decorative concrete can be fully customized, combining design and performance with a rich color palette and beautifully textured effects.

  4. high early strength concrete, construction schedule, early

    Chronolia® uses advanced technology for easier placement than conventional concrete, enabling improved turnaround time and productivity. 

  5. low-shrinkage concrete, no steel reinforcement, less joint

    Extensia® offers a powerful solution to the problem of shrinkage cracks in industrial and commercial interior floor slabs, promoting enhanced durability and flexural strength.

  6. Hydromedia® is permeable concrete pavement combining the durability of concrete with the environmental benefits of permeable surfaces. It can be used to reduce the impact of the stormwater runoff and reduce the heat island effect. 


  7. stormwater management, efficient land development, reduce

    Ultra Series® is a premium range of ready-mix concretes created to serve a broad spectrum of needs in the construction industry.

  8. Weathermix™ is specially designed to tolerate colder conditions than normal concrete. It also accelerates setting time, which provides early protection against freezing at sub-freezing temperatures. 

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