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How Concrete Is Made

To make concrete mix water, cement, stone and sand! The formula seems simple, but the reality of concrete manufacturing is far more complex. The development of formulas for concrete requires advanced scientific skills. The quality of the cement and aggregates, the dosage and the proportions are just some of the variables that influence the properties of concrete.

Making concrete: a simple recipe with many variables

Concrete in its most basic form is a mixture of portland cement, coarse aggregate (different types of stones), fine aggregate (different grades of sand), chemical admixtures and water. While concrete is often referred to as cement, cement is the powderlike substance that when introduced to water begins to crystallize in the mixture and form concrete. Concrete is the finished product while cement is simply one of its main ingredients.


A Lafarge concrete plant stores different stones, sand and cements for the types of concrete that each plant is capable of producing. We create unique mixes to deliver customized performance suitable for each construction need. Through extensive research, Lafarge utilizes innovative mix designs to produce performance concretes. 


We use the latest technology to ensure that the exact amount of each ingredient is carefully batched into our mixer trucks and delivered to the jobsite.

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