Learn all about the Concrete Business in just a few clicks: its contribution to Group turnover, synergies with other Businesses, investments, innovative products, and much more.

Portfolio of Products

Lafarge is one of the few full-service concrete producers capable of manufacturing an extremely wide range of concrete. Our technical expertise, state-of-the-art plants, and commitment to innovation enable us to make a concrete that can assist our customers with all their construction needs. Our portfolio includes products ranging from standard concrete used in everyday driveways and sidewalks to customized mixes used in complex high-rises that must meet strict design specifications to our proprietary technology, Chronolia, which lets users strip a wall form just a few hours after the concrete arrives on the jobsite!

Commitment to Quality

We take pride in producing and safely delivering quality concrete that meets the specifications ordered. We employ trained technicians who constantly monitor our production and evaluate our ability to produce quality concrete. Our quality culture encompasses on-site quality control personnel, laboratory technicians who stay behind the scenes testing and improving the performance of our mixes, and trained plant managers and batchers who watch each load to ensure that the right concrete leaves our plant.

Learn About Concrete

Concrete is much more than sidewalks and driveways: It's an integral part of our daily lives and the most used man-made material on Earth. Follow the link below to learn about the history of concrete, how it's made, and how it contributes to building a more sustainable world!

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