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Government Authority

Few building materials can claim to provide the versatility and durability as cement can. Governments have used cement in public works projects for thousands of years, and some of the world's most famous structures stand as testament to cement's strength: the Great Wall of China, the Roman Pantheon and the London sewerage system all used cement extensively.

In recent years, innovation in materials development by companies such as Lafarge has led to enhanced performance capabilities and application opportunities. Today, cement and cement-based materials are used for projects ranging from pedestrian sidewalks and storm drains to bridges and brownfield land redevelopment.

There's a cement solution for every public works need.

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Lafarge Cements for Masonry

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Find Lafarge materials that can help contribute to LEED® project certification. Search the web-based Lafarge "Product Guide" or download the free "Solutions" App from the Apple iTunes Store.

A Conversation on Sustainable Construction

Interview with Andrew Pinneke, P.E, LEED AP, Lafarge North America

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