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NYLO Providence/Warwick Hotel, Warwick, RI

Architects, urban planners and property owners are striving to build better cities with innovative materials that are not only attractive, durable and low maintenance, but also energy efficient and eco-friendly. Lafarge is at the forefront of meeting this need with more than 20 types of cement and engineered blends for sustainable concrete construction projects throughout the U.S., such as the NYLO Providence/Warwick hotel in the heart of New England.


Beautifully situated along the Pawtuxet River near corporate campuses and business parks, the 82,800- ft2 NYLO Providence/Warwick is the first hotel in Rhode Island to operate completely by renewable energy from wind, solar, biomass and hydroelectric power sources throughout the state. The ultramodern boutique facility features a vibrant industrial design in exposed concrete, creating an urban loft aesthetic that is distinctive, comfortable, and inspiring. Lafarge Type I/II cement was used in the 3,000 yards of 35 MPa (5,000 psi) structural concrete in the tunnel-formed construction project.


When it comes to environmental stewardship, NYLO is recognized among the leaders and top innovators in the hotel industry. Its "green" construction and operation policies call for using the most energy-efficient building materials and techniques, as well as a minimum of 50% recyclable materials. All of the company's hotels operate with at least 50% renewable energy credits and are constructed of eco-friendly concrete, which is produced locally, entirely recyclable, extremely durable, and fire resistant.


A mixture of natural substances, concrete also provides good thermal mass properties and acoustic insulation qualities.  Its exceptional thermal inertia properties enable it to absorb heat during the day, store it and give it back at night, making for substantial savings in terms of heating and air conditioning. Because it is a highly resistant and perfectly airtight material, concrete can easily be used with other materials to provide optimum insulation, while offering numerous solutions for limiting greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the daily use of the building.


The NYLO Providence/Warwick's hallmark exposed concrete design is part of its energy conservation strategy. The Energy Star certified hotel's polished concrete floors not only lend charm but also stabilize indoor temperatures to cut electricity usage for heating and cooling. In recognition of the hotel's high standards in sustainable design, the eco-chic NYLO Providence/Warwick received Green Hospitality Certification from the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management in a ceremony before the state's hospitality industry elite. 


Photos: Stanley Rowin/GPA

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