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Paving refers to the use of a durable surface material over which vehicles and traffic can travel.


Concrete has proven to be the material of choice for paving due to its strength, durability, and longevity.


When we think of paving, we tend to think of mainline paving; specifically, highways and roads. However, the diversity of paving applications is great, from primary roads to secondary roads, from parking areas to airports. Further, within these application categories are numerous subcategories.


Lafarge offers a cement solution for any of these applications and the techniques used to achieve them, such as full-depth concrete for new construction and renovation, portland cement concrete for overlays, concrete pavement restoration, and roller-compacted concrete.


Among Lafarge's numerous cementitious paving solutions, our FortiPave line of blended cements is especially well suited to the challenge. FortiPave offers improved workability, improved placeability, reduced permeability, and greater strength.

Concrete road under construction

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