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TerraFlow™ is a specialized blend of cementitious and other construction materials that allows for more efficient and cost-effective backfilling in underground mines. It is formulated to work with mine backfill material to meet the unique needs of the underground mining industry and is not suitable for use in concrete or concrete product applications. TerraFlow can be custom blended for a given mine based on local conditions.


Benefits of TerraFlow™:

  • Increases energy cost savings through the use of in-situ material;
  • Allows for more efficient and cost-effective backfilling in underground mines;
  • Optimizes use/reuse of material, including cementitious by-products;
  • Is preblended before arriving on site to promote maximum working efficiency;
  • Uses blend proportions that may be varied according to specific requirements as determined by preliminary testing;
  • Saves energy and natural resources; and
  • Saves costs.


TerraFlow™ is produced using stringent quality-control procedures.


Product claims are based on proper use in accordance with recognized industry standards. Please contact your Lafarge Cement representative for specific product information, availability, and ordering.

Head frame to an underground mine.

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