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Lafarge's sustainability ambitions are reflected in our approach to manufacturing, where our goal is to minimize our impact on the environment; in our approach to product development, where our innovative products contribute to sustainable construction; and in our people, who are becoming increasingly knowledgeable on sustainable practices to assist customers and stakeholders.

Manufacturing and Industrial Ecology

Cement manufacturing consumes large quantities of nonrenewable raw materials such as minerals and fossil fuels. It is also an important source of CO2 emissions. In response to this environmental challenge, Lafarge has been committed to the path of industrial ecology since the mid-70s and is working aggressively today to minimize its operating impact on the environment.

Lafarge Bath Plant, Ontario; Use of biomass as a renewable

Lafarge Bath Plant, Ontario; Use of biomass as a renewable energy source


Concrete offers numerous building advantages such as aesthetics, recycled content, regional sourcing, durability, strength, fire resistance, corrosion resistance, and sound attenuation. These long known characteristics also contribute well to the goals of green building, where they serve as the foundation of various strategies to optimize building impact and performance. Cement, of course, is the key ingredient that enables concrete to play a preferred role in the evolution of high performance building design and construction.  As a leader in innovation, Lafarge has pioneered the development of cementitious materials to respond to high performance building challenges and meet sustainable building goals.

Cement, Lafarge Seattle, Washington Plant

Cement, Lafarge Seattle, Washington Plant


Not only do Lafarge products play a decisive role in sustainable construction, Lafarge employees are receiving training on sustainable practices and even earning accreditation status in green building rating systems to better serve the environmental needs of Lafarge's stakeholders.

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