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Date 04/15/2013

Lafarge Canada Inc. Launches Building Better Cities™

A commitment to our communities and customers

Toronto, Calgary
Lafarge Canada Inc.

Lafarge Canada Inc., Canada's largest provider of material solutions to the construction industry, announced today the launch of its new, modernized logo and an updated commitment to its communities and customers. Building Better CitiesTM will be applied to all internal and external marketing and communications materials across Canada.


Speaking on behalf of Lafarge Canada Inc., Eastern Canada President and Chief Executive Officer Bob Cartmel said, "Our vision is to become the leading provider of solutions to the construction industry, and our mission is to provide solutions that build better cities and communities. The cities where we live and work along with the infrastructure that supports our communities such as roads, bridges, transportation links, water, and waste management can and will benefit from the solutions we provide through Lafarge."


Cartmel added, "Building Better Cities also speaks to our Sustainability Ambitions for 2020. Our manner of operating with the environment as a priority and giving back to the communities where we operate also create better places to live, work, and raise a family."


Lafarge Canada, a major player in aggregates, asphalt, cement, and concrete will continue to be a major contributor towards developing enhanced cities and communities with a unique range of products, services and construction solutions in a number of key areas:


  • More durable cities and communities, focusing on the strength and longevity of construction by taking full account of environmental concerns, particularly the energy efficiency of buildings and the reduction of CO2 emissions;
  • More connected cities and communities by supporting the development of all infrastructures - roads, airports, stations, bridges, tunnels;
  • More beautiful cities and communities through the combination of innovation, performance and architectural expertise to create visually bold solutions;
  • More housing, in particular affordable housing, in large and small communities;
  • More compact cities and communities by playing a key role in the construction of vertical buildings which help reduce urban sprawl.


Cartmel further commented, "Our commitment toward building better cities and communities encompasses our overall ambition. Although Lafarge's work in this area isn't new, we believe that by explicitly stating our purpose, we will be in a stronger position to work even more closely with our customers and stakeholders to the benefit of communities across Canada."




Anne-Julie Gratton
Manager, Communications and Public Affairs
Lafarge Canada Inc.
Ph: 514.715.8698


About Lafarge Canada Inc.


Lafarge Canada Inc. is Canada's largest provider of solutions to the construction and development industry. With more than 6000 employees across Canada, our mission is to provide construction solutions that build better cities and communities. The cities where Canadians live, work, and raise their families along with the infrastructure that supports their communities such as roads, bridges, transportation links, water, and waste management benefit from the solutions provided by Lafarge.


Through our Sustainability Ambitions for 2020, Lafarge is committed to providing solutions using sustainable manufacturing practices and improving the environment in and around its operations. At locations across Canada, we have worked to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, restore wetlands for native plants and animals, and identify waste materials that can be recycled and used in our operations. More information is available on Lafarge Canada's website:



About the Lafarge Group


A world leader in building materials, Lafarge employs 65,000 people in 64 countries, and posted sales of €15.8 billion in 2012. As a top-ranking player in its Cement, Aggregates and Concrete businesses, it contributes to the construction of cities around the world, through its innovative solutions providing them with more housing and making them more compact, more durable, more beautiful, and better connected. With the world's leading building materials research facility, Lafarge places innovation at the heart of its priorities in order to contribute to more sustainable construction and to better serve architectural creativity. Since 2010, the Lafarge Group has been part of the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index, the first global sustainability benchmark in recognition of its sustainable development actions. More information is available on Lafarge's website:

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