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Health & Safety / SDS

Health and safety are absolute priorities for Lafarge.  We have implemented a stringent safety policy for our employees and subcontractors and participate in public health programs that benefit both employees and local communities. Lafarge aims to be among the safest companies in the world and encourages safe behavior at the workplace and at home.

Safety: The Top Priority

Lafarge aims to be the safest company in its sector. Since 2002, the Lafarge Group has achieved a significant reduction in both the frequency and the gravity of work-related accidents. These improvements are due in part to the Group's Health and Safety management system, which defines the minimum safety levels required for all Lafarge sites.

A great deal remains to be done to become one of the safest industrial groups in the world. For this reason, employee safety is the Group's n°1 priority.


To reach its target of zero fatal accidents and keep lost time injuries to a minimum, Lafarge:


  • informs its employees and subcontractors about the risks related to their activities and provides appropriate training,
  • supervises the systematic application of safety standards,
  • implements procedures for reporting incidents and undertakes regular audits,
  • identifies and communicates best practices and drives their adoption across all worksites.

Lafarge's Health and Safety Month

Health & Safety month is an annual celebration of Lafarge's enduring commitment to health and safety. Lafarge's Health and Safety Month occurs at the same as the National Safety Council's observance of June Safety Month. 


During the month of June, Lafarge plants and facilities across the U.S. and Canada, and Lafarge Group plants and facilities around the world, will acknowledge their achievements and build health and safety awareness through a variety of programs and demonstrations, access to on-site health and wellness professionals, field days, and community events that promote health and safety beyond the workplace.


While we utilize safe work practices all year long, Lafarge Health & Safety Month is one of several ways the Company fosters a culture of health and safety throughout its organization and strives to lead others by example. 

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