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Vision & Values

Lafarge aims to be the undisputed leader in building materials. Lafarge's core values of respect, care, and excellence have accompanied our success for more than 170 years.


Becoming the undisputed world leader in building materials

Published for the first time in 1997, the Lafarge Group's Principles of Action inspire the behavior of the Group's employees around the world. They are based on 3 pillars: our vision, our commitment and the Lafarge Way.

The Lafarge Group is committed to:

  • offering our customers the best in innovative materials and reliable products and services,
  • reinforcing our position as the world leader in relation to our suppliers, employees, customers and shareholders.


Upholding commitments to all stakeholders

The Lafarge Group is committed to:

  • generating value for our clients,
  • delivering the value creation that our shareholders expect,
  • giving our employees every opportunity to contribute and develop their talents,
  • contributing to building a better world for our communities.

The Lafarge Way

The Lafarge Way is built around 3 concepts.

  • Making our employees successful: Lafarge aims to enable each individual to succeed.
  • Delivering continuous performance improvement: Lafarge continually strives to optimize its products and services.
  • A multilocal organization: Lafarge's goals are local but remain integrated into our global approach.

Committed to Health, Safety, and Sustainability

Health & Safety


Health and safety are absolute priorities for Lafarge. In fact, Lafarge has implemented a stringent safety policy for its employees and subcontractors. It also participates in public health programs that benefit both employees and local communities.


Lafarge aims to be among the safest companies in the world and encourage safe behavior.


Learn more about our health and safety initiatives



Lafarge is committed to being a leader in sustainability. Our goals include preserving natural resources, limiting the amount of waste we produce in our plants, protecting and improving the quality of life for animal and species around our manufacturing facilities, and rehabilitating our quarries.


Learn more about what we are doing for the environment and sustainable construction.

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Project Gallery

Discover examples of projects from around North America that have made use of Lafarge products.

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