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Precast Solutions

Towards Sustainable Growth


We are convinced that economic development, the well-being of our employees and environmental challenges are inextricably entwined. Discover the initiatives and commitments on which we are building solid, sustainable growth.


A Variety of Solutions

Lafarge offers a variety of precast solutions that are ideal for warehouses, manufacturing plants, schools, retail, office buildings, recreational facilities, hotels/motels, retirement residences, residences, parking garages, bridges and infrastructure, and virtually any other application that calls for strength, beauty, and fast-track construction.


Lafarge's precast services is recognized for performance on large, difficult, and fast-track projects. The company's workforce offers new applications and benefits to resolve evolving challenges. Lafarge custom solutions can eliminate the guesswork from the initial planning and design stages with its experienced staff of estimators and in-house engineers.


Lafarge is also a leading producer of concrete pipe and manholes in Western Canada for storm drainage, sanitary sewers, culverts, and stormwater treatment.

precast solutions used in Everette project
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Lafarge's principles in action

Key to Lafarge is its values of respect, care and constructive dialogue with stakeholders, including employees. These values are reflected in Lafarge's approach in its operations and business activities which focus on sustainable growth by reconciling the challenges of economic development and environmental respect.

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