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About Lafarge North America

Lafarge North America includes approximately 900 locations in one of the world's largest and most diverse markets. As the largest diversified supplier of construction materials in the United States and Canada, our products are used in residential, commercial, and public works constructions projects.

Products & Services

In 1956, Paris-based Lafarge expanded its worldwide operations to North America by opening the Richmond Cement Plant in British Columbia.


Today, Lafarge North America is part of one of the largest and most diverse markets in the world. Lafarge North America began by offering customers high-quality portland cement with excellent customer service. Since that time, Lafarge North America has expanded its role in cement as well as developed operations in aggregates, concrete, and asphalt. Now, Lafarge North America's goals include maintaining that same level of customer service by offering innovative products to meet clients' business and architectural needs. Ductal®, Agilia®, and Artevia® are just a few of the innovative products offered throughout North America.


Lafarge is committed to providing products using sustainable manufacturing practices and improving the environment in and around its plants. Through myriad projects at locations around North America, Lafarge has worked to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, restore wetlands for native plants and animals, and identify waste materials that can be recycled and used at Lafarge plants.

Lafarge North America PAC

Within the United States, our business involves construction projects across the country, rebuilding infrastructure and working with state and federal agencies to meet their needs and the needs of the communities they serve. As such, the employees of Lafarge North America Inc. utilize a Political Action Committee (PAC) that enables the Company's employees to raise voluntary political contributions to support candidates in the United States who the employees feel share the Company's business goals


What is it?  How does it operate?  What are the basic rules governing the PAC?


The employees of Lafarge North America Inc. utilize a Political Action Committee (PAC) that enables the Company's employees to raise voluntary political contributions to support candidates in the United States who the employees feel share the Company's business goals.  For more than twenty years, the employees of Lafarge North America, through the PAC, have been able to build better relationships with elected leaders and to foster open lines of communication on economic issues of importance to the Company and its employees.  The PAC, commonly referred to as "Lafarge PAC," is registered with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), and it files publicly-available receipt and disbursement reports on a quarterly basis with the FEC.  Under U.S. law, a PAC is the best vehicle for collecting funds from permissible sources and providing campaign support to selected candidates.


The Lafarge PAC is managed on a day-to-day basis by its Chair and its Treasurer.  A six member Committee, drawn from the employees of the Company, elects the Chair and Treasurer and has oversight over PAC policy and which candidates should receive campaign funding.  Support decisions are based on criteria such as:  (a) the candidate has direct representation of a cement, aggregate or ready-mix asset in the United States; (b) the candidate is a member of the Congressional Cement Caucus; (c) the candidate holds a leadership position in the Congress; (d) the candidate seems attuned to the local economic goals of the Company and its employees; (e) the candidate has a realistic chance of success in the pending election; and (f) the candidate demonstrates a genuine interest in interacting with his or her constituents as envisioned by our democratic traditions.  Employees within the Company are routinely consulted to help build connections with candidates and officeholders who are being considered for PAC support.  Foreign national involvement is prohibited by federal law, and persons involved in PAC governance must be U.S. citizens or individuals holding permanent resident alien status.


The Lafarge PAC must adhere to relevant provisions of the Federal Election Campaign Act and regulations promulgated by the FEC.  The Company and the PAC may solicit contributions from Company management as frequently as deemed appropriate and using a wide variety of methods, including seeking authorization for payroll deduction.  When PAC solicitations are made, notice must be provided that the making of contributions is voluntary and that there will be no repercussions for contributing less than requested or not contributing at all. Those who are solicited and who contribute must be U.S. citizens or permanent resident aliens.


The Lafarge PAC may only accept contributions of up to $5,000 per year in the aggregate from any one donor.  The PAC, in turn, is limited in how much it may contribute to federal candidates.  The PAC's reports filed with the FEC must disclose the identity of donors whose contributions aggregate above $200 for the calendar year.  FEC filings are available at the Federal Election Commission's web site:  http://www.fec.gov.


Lafarge relies on expert legal advice from a Washington, DC law firm to monitor compliance with applicable rules and regulations.  The Lafarge PAC account is monitored by this firm as well as internally by the Company.

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