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Functionalities of the site


You can store a page from the site in your browser's memory so you can access it more easily in the future. This function is available on most pages. To use it:

  • click on the  "Favorites" button on the top right of the page,

follow the instructions supplied by your browser.

R.S.S. feeds

R.S.S. ("Really Simple Syndication") is a real-time information feed which brings together all or part of a website's content in an .xml file.

Subscribing to the R.S.S. feed means you are informed automatically, without having to visit the site, when new content is added to your chosen pages.

An R.S.S. feed provides the title and first words of the new information and a link to the complete page.

To use an R.S.S. feed:

  • click on the R.S.S. icon on the site,
  • copy the url address that is displayed,
  • add  the address to an R.S.S. reader (also known as a "news aggregator") such as Netvibes, to receive all your site updates in one place and avoid the need to consult them individually.


You can print the content of most of the pages on the Lafarge site:

  • click on the "Print" button at the top right of the page,
  • the page to be printed will open in a new window,
  • click on "Print" in the dialog box which will open.

You can also use the "print" function offered by your browser.


You can send the content of a page on the Lafarge website to 1 or more recipients. To do this:

  • click on the "Send" button at the top left of the page,

complete the form (e-mail addresses are not stored and are not used for any other purpose).

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