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Reading the files

C.S.V. files

Some of the files on the site are in C.S.V. ("Comma-Separated Values") format, which is compatible with Excel and OpenOffice.

Interactive stock market graphs (in the Shareholders section) are downloaded by default in Excel format but can also be read with OpenOffice.

H.T.M.L. files

Adobe can convert P.D.F. files into H.T.M.L. ("Hypertext Markup Language"). Please note that this conversion can make the files more difficult to read.

Real Player files

The site contains videos in Real Player format. To read these files, Real Player 11 must be installed on your computer.

Lafarge is committed to offering accessible text alternatives for all videos.

P.D.F. files

The site contains P.D.F. ("Portable Document Format") documents. To read these files, Adobe Reader must be installed on your computer.

R.T.F. files

The site contains documents, notably text alternatives to videos and animations, in R.T.F. ("Rich Text Format"). To read these files, OpenOffice must be installed on your computer.

W.M.V. files

The site contains videos in W.M.V. format ("Windows Media Video"). To read them, Windows Media Player must be installed on your computer.

Accessible text transcripts are available if you do not wish to download Windows Media Player.

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