introduCtion Product Catalogue For industrial, commercial, residential and government sites — virtually anywhere there is pavement, the models outlined below are available for various site conditions. The following pages provide depictions and additional information on each unit. ConCrete pipe Inline — Our standard design for most stormwater treatment applications. Inlet — The Inlet Stormceptor STC 300 is designed to replace a catch-basin, featuring an open grate at the surface Submerged — The Submerged system functions in partially submerged pipes, making it ideal for coastal areas. stormwater treatment teChnologies Series — Designed to treat larger drainage areas, the Series system consists of two adjacent units that function in parallel. This design eliminates the need for additional structures, reducing excavation and material costs. Extended Oil Storage (EOS) For projects requiring greater oil storage capacity (i.e. gas stations, parking lots), the EOS system has an extended fiberglass section to accommodate these volumes. Large Capacity System (LCS) Stormceptor Max — Designed for large sites (i.e. six hectares and greater), to accommodate large flow rates in a minimal footprint. Design can be accommodated to suit the needs of the project. Oil and Sand Removal (OSR) Every STC unit has an OSR equivalent equipped with a larger orifice size within the insert, designed to maximize runoff capture for a given project site. The OSR unit is primarily used to capture larger sediment (i.e. sand) in addition to oil in higher flow conditions. box seCtions manhole and CatCh basin material LAFARGE PIPE eMANUAL PAGE 15