CONCRETE PIPE Key Considerations A stormwater treatment system designed to remove gravel and coarse sands is smaller and less expensive than a system designed to remove fine silts and clays — but at what cost to the environment? For a treatment system to be effective, it must capture and contain a complete PSD, especially the smallest particles. • Stormceptor is the only oil and sediment separator on the market designed to remove a wide range of particle sizes — including clays and fine silts • Units can be designed to remove a specified Particle Size Distribution (PSD) • Stormceptor does not scour — scour prevention is as important as a treatment system’s ability to capture contaminants Will NOT SCOUR Stormceptor has been independently verified not to allow resuspension of captured materials under any conditions Captures Fine Particles Designed for the capacity to capture silt size particles 20 µm and larger. Independently Verified Performance The only Stormwater Quality product that is certified by Environment Canada’s ETV Program. Continuous Simulation Sizing Proven, Environment Canada certified PCSWMM for Stormceptor. What you size in the office, will perform in the field. Local Representation – Lafarge Pipe Proven, trusted. PAGE 14 LAFARGE PIPE eMANUAL