introduCtion Scour Prevention Most oil and grit separators do a good job collecting the sediment that the system is designed to capture for a given storm event. Yet in many cases, the following storm event can flush away this success, with intense runoff flows carrying away the previously captured sediment. This occurrence is known as scour, and is the definition of failure when it comes to oil/grit separator systems. Most stormwater treatment technologies run entire storm events through their system, stirring up previously sedentary sediment. Only the Stormceptor’s patented technology prevents scour by keeping intense stormwater flows separated from the treatment chamber. ConCrete pipe “Oil/grit separators vary in design and performance. Separators that do not incorporate a high flow bypass have been found to be generally ineffective in removing/containing hydrocarbon and sediment pollutants, because of a continuous process of resuspension and settling of solids.” - Alberta Environment, Stormwater Management Guidelines 1999 (Section 7.4.6) stormwater treatment teChnologies Keep your sediment sedentary. box seCtions zz zz zz z zz manhole and CatCh basin material Stormceptor prevents scour during extreme rainfall events. LAFARGE PIPE eMANUAL PAGE 11