introduCtion Stormceptor is synonymous with stormwater treatment technology. Across North America, Australia, New Zealand and Japan, Stormceptor systems are helping developers, municipalities and business owners meet their water quality objectives. No matter the model, no matter the site, no matter the weather, Stormceptor systems effectively capture and contain sand, sediment or oil from stormwater to safely meet specific effluent requirements. Its versatility and flexibility are matched only by its efficiency. Loading Capacity ConCrete pipe All Stormceptor units are designed to meet CHBDC loading criteria, making them ideal for busy traffic zones such as roads or parking lots. Stormceptor units can also be designed for sites with higher loading requirements such as airports and port facilities. Low Head Loss With a documented K-factor of only 1.3, and a minimal drop between the inlet pipe and outlet pipe, Stormceptor is compatible with existing infrastructure and ideal for retrofit applications. Many structural BMPs fail to provide documented head loss test results, leaving the designer to estimate the impact on their system. Hydrocarbon Containment • Effective for dry weather spill capture and containment of free oil • Manufactured joints conforming to CSA 257.3 — Nitrile Rubber gaskets prevent infiltration and exfiltration, minimizing the potential for the migration of pollutants into surrounding soils • Double-wall configuration of the fiberglass insert skirt and the reinforced concrete wall provides a secondary containment system for hydrocarbons and prevents oil from permeating the unit’s wall over time stormwater treatment teChnologies box seCtions manhole and CatCh basin material LAFARGE PIPE eMANUAL PAGE 9