introduCtion Concrete Pipe Installation Procedures Transporting, Lowering and Placing Pipe in Trench Pipe is laid into position using the Pipe Laying Sling in its symmetrical mode. They are lowered into the trench close to the previous pipe laid. The pipe may be prevented from rolling laterally by partial backfilling. ConCrete pipe Joining Pipe The long leg of the Pipe Laying Sling is attached to the farthest anchor on the previously laid pipe. The free leg is attached – out of the way – on the clevis link provided. Locate the center of lift over the closest anchor of the previously laid pipe. This will properly align the direction of pull. The pipe is pulled into position by slowly raising the boom on the crane or backhoe without moving the boom forward or backward. stormwater treatment teChnologies box seCtions Releasing the Load When the pipe has been pulled into position, the load is released and the Pipe Laying System is moved to the next pipe, and the process is repeated. Warning: Anchors can become overloaded and fail if the crane or backhoe continues to apply load after the connection has been completed. When handling precast concrete elements, extreme care should be taken to ensure that impact or dynamic loads are kept to a minimum. Impact or dynamic loads can greatly increase the applied load to the anchors. Failure to observe the above warnings may lead to property damage, personnel injury and death. manhole and CatCh basin material LAFARGE PIPE eMANUAL PAGE 61